Friday, January 23, 2009

Veet says bye to Bush

Did anyone send you a copy of that cheeky Veet ad this week? If not, here it is ... as it appeared in the Sydney Daily Telegraph earlier this week.
A colleague sent me the e-mail and she obviously wasn’t the only one to think it funny. Since Obama took over from Bush as president of the United States on Tuesday this week, it’s been hurtling round the web.
Brand managers and marketing gurus have been giving the ad agency, Euro RSCG, all credit for the ad ... and it has been such a wow that Canada and New Zealand newspapers are also going to run it this weekend.
This kind of hair removal humour could only come from the irreverent land they call Down Under ...


Ordinarylife said...

That is fantastic!!!

Firefly said...

The marketing guy (girl?) that came up with this is brilliant. I also heard that some salons have changed their Brazilian wax to an Obama wax, because there is no more Bush. Same idea.