Monday, January 19, 2009

It's dicey

Life is full of mysteries which while they don't quite keep me awake at night certainly pique my curiosity.
Such as, why does Kobus Wiese have a haircut that makes him look like a pineapple? Who was the person who counted the 7,000 species of dung beetles in the world?
Why are there still so many mistakes in The Herald when we have so much talent working here?
And ... the latest ... what do people do with the fluffy dice they buy at the robots in PE?
Since they started to sell these items, along with cell phone chargers, cockroach chalk and black bin bags, it’s really intrigued me.
Then, the other day I was at the Bridge and saw that they even sell them at that little boutique upstairs, Vibes.
Now, it’s one thing to sell totally useless items at the traffic lights ... the bad quality black rubbish bags, for example, that The Herald often warns readers about ... but another to discover that they are so popular that they are stocked even by regular shops. And the Vibes saleswoman told me, when I asked her who bought them, “everyone”.
But have you ever actually seen a car with these dice jiggling from the rear-view mirror? It’s the 2009 equivalent of an orange on the aerial ... please let me know if you see someone with these in their car.
Or perhaps I should take heed of my earlier post not to sweat the small stuff. Really.

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Ordinarylife said...

Actually one of the girls I work with has them hanging from her rearview mirror???????? Yeah, I know........

I have actually bought them so I can't say anything but this is the reason. Ever since I first saw them I have been planning a prank on my husband on the 1st April. I am going to get them, the furry dashboard cover, a rocking dog and the thing that goes over the gear stick and "pimp" my husbands car. He is not a morning person so I will have plenty of time. Can't wait to see his face.