Friday, December 5, 2008

Not Rudolph

Now this reindeer-shaped coat rack may seem wacky but look closely and you'll see that it is actually quite a practical item ... if Port Elizabeth’s Christmas Shop sold these, I would want to buy one.
They come from a suitably seasonal country ... and I love their name. Icelandic graphic designer Ingibjörg Hanna calls the rack Not Rudolph. As her website says, , Ingibjörg "loves to reawake the child inside us all" with her playful and functional creations.
She also has a series of coat hangers shaped like birds. Her “raven” series consists of three different types, one mounted from the ceiling, a standard coat hanger and one that is able to clip trousers or skirts. Iceland may be bankrupt, but it has some bright sparks living there.

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