Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas cards with a difference

Last week I posted a piece on how few people are sending old-fashioned Christmas cards (and discovered that Jeanne of Cook sister fame still sends 50+ .. wow! I am impressed at that!).
This week I stumbled upon an artist, Andrew Shaffer, who sends cards that are selling pretty well, considering that the US is in a depression. The reason? He is selling “great depression” cards, plus a funny range aimed at cynical sorts and atheists. He sees quite a resemblance between Charles Darwin and Santa Claus (as you can see from the "Evolution of Man" card alongside).
To me, Christmas still does begin and end with Christ but there are plenty of folk in this world who just do see it either as a party or a marketing opportunity.
Come to think of it, the few cards that I have received this year at La Femme haven’t had much to do with Christ either. They have mostly been from public relations people who obviously have a budget to schmooze clients with cards.
Now, journalists and PRs always have and probably always will co-exist rather uneasily. We do need each other, to be sure, but it’s a love-hate relationship. Basically, they love sending me stuff that I would hate to use in La Femme. Then, at Christmas, they send me a card just so that I can remember and feel guilty about it.

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