Tuesday, October 14, 2008

National Bosses Day

You may not be the sort of person who would want to buy your boss a gift, it may seem a bit sucky-up’ish, but if you are that way inclined, it is National Bosses Day tomorrow (October 16) and you can have such fun tracking down the ideal gift online at the most entertaining website, Office Playground

Forget squashable stress balls, silver clacker spheres, paperweights and pot plants, you really can do much better.

One of Office Playground’s most bizarre offerings must surely be the yodelling pickle which you can use “to start off the day, as a tension breaker, to get your co-worker's attention, to wake up the office, as a stress reliever, or for yodelling practice!”

“Other inanimate food objects will fall short of greatness in the presence of the Yodelling Pickle.”
Quite so. Even the site’s wind-up pieces of sushi, spiral glitter wand, decision making dart board and bozo finger bop ball do indeed fall short. You’d have to be quite a humourless sort not to smile at the thought of a remote control whoopee cushion, just think of the havoc you could wreak in those long, dull meetings. Happy bosses day ...

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