Wednesday, October 22, 2008

John Cleese twitters and blogs

One advantage of starting to blog is that you stumble upon other blogs, such as that of British comedian John Cleese.

If you haven’t already seen it, you might like to watch his US election interview where he is rather nasty about Sarah Palin (it is sooo funny). To reassure any long-standing dyed-in-the-wool Monty Python fans, parrots, yes, they feature.

I’m not saying Cleese is a 100% hero. He has, for example, an atrocious track record with the ladies (married and divorced all three of his blonde American wives, even the most recent, long-suffering pyschotherapist), but at least he admits he only lives in California because of the awful weather in London.

But look at how he started on the path of comedy: Cleese was expelled from his high school for vandalism. Apparently he painted footsteps next to a statue of a military big-wig to make it look as if the General had stepped down from his plinth to trot over and relieve himself at the nearby school toilet. That was the start of Cleese’s illustrious career and although he turns 70 next October, he has just started blogging, and he is on Twitter.

Actually, you might like to check out Twitter ... looks like it might be the next big (well, actually, small) thing)

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