Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Walmer coffee shop

If you love Vovo Telo and its outlet at the Warehouse, you’ll welcome Bocadillos, the newest Repton family sandwich and coffee bar in Main Road, Walmer.
This time mum Gill has teamed up with her daughter Kerry to decorate and start the little restaurant, which you can find where Cobblestone started off last year. They only opened last month, a brave move in a heavily traded market in a what everyone says will be a scary year but so far is doing really well.

It has Vovo style food - rye, ciabatta, croissants and more - and you also can order sandwiches to go. The coffee, though, is Lavazza, not Illy, but my cappuccino there today was just as delish and with the same creamy designer froth.
Matt had better watch out, he might have cornered the market in Central and Newton Park but the Walmer ladies who lunch are already flocking to his sister’s new spot.
The decor is cool and light and modern ... and I enjoyed the way the mirrors reflect the wallpaper on the back wall.
Lovely stuff!


Firefly said...

I love Vovo Telo but have never been to Warehouse. I pass the new one every day and have been wondering about it. Time to stop and try it out.

Jeanne said...

Oh dear - so much to do when I visit in April and so little time!!