Monday, March 2, 2009

Changes afoot at The Herald

Change, they say, is the only constant ... and The Herald and Weekend Post will be changing again next week when they launch their new, and greatly improved, websites.
Part of this involves all the bloggers - there may only be a handful of us but we make a lot of noise!
So ... please bear with me while we figure out how to move The F-World to the new blog platform, as it will be on Word Press later this week and no longer on Blogspot.
I almost feel like I am moving house, having grown very attached to all the gadgets on this one, and I would hate to lose that fascinating posse of followers ... many of whom I also follow.
I'll keep you posted ...


Firefly said...

We you go we'll follow.

Wee Pete said...

The new website is, like almost all 'new and improved' things....crapper and more user unfriendly.

Whoever did it should be taken out and shot at dawn.