Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why do so many women lie about what they buy?

Puppy love costs dearly

I heard a delightful story from a colleague at The Herald this week. Animal lover Pat was in a coffee shop in Circular Drive here in Port Elizabeth and saw a painting of seven golden retriever puppies. She swears the pups were so beautiful they would have melted even Cruella de Vil’s heart so she decided there and then to splash out and buy the painting, and took it home to hang in her lounge. When her husband saw it, she had a pang of buyer’s remorse: after all, which level-headed adult with even a modicum of good taste would spend R800 on a print of puppies which even Pat describes as “a huge gold blob”?
"So, how much did you pay for it darling?" he asked.
"R400," she replied.
"Well," he said, "since I didn’t get you anything special for your birthday, let me pay you back for it and we’ll call that your birthday gift."
Pat so wished she’d told the truth because she’d just lost R400 - busted!
It also struck a chord with me and probably with half the female population. Haven’t you ever told the guy in your life “New shoes? Oh, no, I’ve had them for ages ...” or “This top? It was half price/on sale/really cheap/only R79”. And I know that this is not unusual, because I’ve heard a similar story from a Collegiate parent who fibbed about the cost of daughter’s matric dance dress (don’t worry, Mrs B, your secret is safe ... no names or dates will pass my lips ...)
What is it with us women?


markyi said...

Ahh, the joys of being single. No one to account to for how you spend your cash, spend it, save it, do what you like with it.

sam said...

Hehe, I think I would also have had buyers remorse if I had that painting in my lounge! Living with a man who is so unobservant that it took him 4 days to notice when I dyed my hair pink helps a lot, it is often not necessary to lie because by the time he notices the purchases, I can, with all honesty say "what, this old thing? We've had it for ages!"